Photoshop. A software which can design, create, and print all types of logo, pictures, and as the name says; it is good software for photographs. This software was widely used for website development. Now it has become a software of bygone era. The launching of HTML5 has changed the website and we in iTrueSoft keeping abreast with developing times, are already equipped and converting websites of PS to HTML5.

iTrueSoft India and USA have always been ahead in terms of technology. Our customer list is growing in leaps and bounds. The services we provide has made client be with us as their customer are pouring after seeing the website.

In iTrueSoft we have dedicated team who does this process and we provide conversion facility in both our India and USA office. Using our services you can be rest assured that your site gets converted from PS to HTML5 and with enhanced looks as it will be converted keeping in mind the responsive web design features.

iTrueSoft use HTML5 for development of website so our customers must stay ahead from their competitors. Their website must be very attractive and customer must visit more and more times.

At every step our team coordinates with your team to get the best final output. Constant changes are made to make sure the website looks at its best. Repeated testing is done and then only finally it is uploaded.

Since we iTrueSoft team are expert in developing website our customer demand their site to be converted in mobile application. We do enhancement of website for mobile APPs also.