People soft Excel to Ci

PeopleSoft Excel data to (CI) Component Interface transfer is easy to import from Excel into PeopleSoft since it edit checks when you run data on line and enforces the integrity of the data as it loads. We are the best provider of Excel to CI data transfer in India and USA. Data kept with us are strictly confidential and secured with password.

We at iTrueSoft have more than a decade experience in CI data transferring technology and keeping in mind the cost factor along with best quality the time factor and future requirement for client. We are doing Excel to CI transfer and maintaining data for banking and financial services, e-commerce, consumer goods, insurance, manufacturing industries, travel, transportation, packaging, hospitality, food and restaurants, holiday and vacation planners, wedding planners, facility management services, media and information, mobile application, e-learning, gaming, pharmaceutical, to name a few.

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