Logo, emblem, sign, symbol, seal, watermark, hallmark, style mark, etc., are all the same which makes a distinct mark for a small company, corporate, product. A logo always gets associated with a product. We at iTrueSoft India and USA follow history till date and with insight into future trend of logo designing to client satisfaction and customer attraction. The first logo was the BASS logo with red triangle which was trademarked in 1876.

Today logo identifies the corporate or brand name. Digital Logo speaks more than your business do. Imagine the apple logo of Apple, the swish of Nike, etc. reminds us of brand. We in iTrueSoft keep in mind where all the logo will be used. Our team interact with the client, understand the type and nature of business or product and brainstorm to create a logo that outstand and identifies the product. A good logo speaks of the company and product. It is the face value of the product. BWDC guarantees you preparation of Logo which will be highlighted in your area of business. Logo can comprise of a design, a word, an alphabet, a combination of design and words, company name with design, to name a few.

Today all the users are demanding Logo for mobile application along with website development.

iTrueSoft India and USA have dedicated team to create logo for website using the latest programme mainly Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Fireworks, GIF Image Editor, Flash, etc. As we are using a variety of softwares to logo design. Professional logo design company India and USA we are the top most Website and Corporate Logo Designer.

iTrueSoft use these programme keeping in mind that our customers must stay ahead from their competitors. Their website and logo must be most attracted and make an impression in memory of customer, remind of brand name.

iTrueSoft has always kept customer’s liking and then created the professional logo design.

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