In spite of several changes in communication technologies since the first fax was sent in 1855, faxing remains an essential method for exchanging information because faxing is simple, provide delivery confirmation, and faxed documents are legally binding. Fax communication remains a universal method of document delivery with billions of faxes sent every year.

But traditional faxing has limitations like supplying individual fax machines with separate phone connection, paper, toner, etc. increased operational costs. Less productivity as employees often using standalone fax machines to print a document, go to a fax machine, and wait for confirmation that the transmission has finished. Fax machines lack integration with common business applications that reside on computers and lack tracking and security.

The enterprise fax solution from OpenText helps reduce costs by replacing fax machines and their associated expenses with software or cloud-based solution. Save money through increased productivity by faxing with the employee's desktop and email applications. Obtain desktop and web-based faxing that integrates with Multi-Function Printers (MFPs), enabling users to send faxes or printed material directly from the machine. Securely track all inbound and outbound faxes, with an audit trail. Protect privacy by directly routing inbound faxes to the recipient’s email address.

The OpenText RightFax is a hybrid enterprise fax solution that integrates with business applications and desktop to maximize the productivity, reduce risk and decrease costs.

  • Rich integrations
  • Robust configuration
  • Customizable to your company needs
  • Help drive HIPAA compliance by keeping faxed content private and secure.
  • Desktop and production use.
    Full audit trail and fax archive option.