E Medical Billing Services

Enterprise content management services from iTrueSoft India and USA concentrates on Healthcare and Medical Billing Solutions. We are pioneer in medical billing and coding services and medical transcription for more than a decade experience workforce. Clients have seen a reduction in business processing cost and continues to contribute a major share in their business.

We are HIPAA compliant company with keeping in mind to meet TAT for uploading of data. We cater to different countries as outsourcing partner with working round-the- clock and high accuracy. Transparency, dedication, and quality is our habit and not a chance which is an essential element for our clients to remain our partners enabling mutual growth.

Regular classes of new rules and updates keep us abreast with clients needs and staff also disciplined. Before joining confidentially and data security compliance and agreement is signed, HIPAA rules and regulations are explained, client specifications and templates are provided and training on software and account specification given before becoming an independent transcriptionist.

Itruesoft’s began operations in 2014 with Medical Transcription. This division continues to contribute the major share of our business. Our decade long experience has trained us to be aware of specific requirements of different clients. We ensure that we are adequately prepared and trained to meet these requirement.. We believe that transparency, dedication and quality are essential in our partnerships with our clients and these are the ultimate drivers of our growth.

Security of Patient Data
HIPAA compliance
Accuracy / Quality of transcription
Flexibility to get short TAT
Large number of specialties, reports and templates
Wide range of accents of Doctors / Dictators

Our Services -Medical Transcription

Every employee signs an ‘Undertaking for Confidentiality and Data security compliance'

Awareness created about HIPAA requirements among Itruesoft’s staff

Management resolve and supervision on all aspects of HIPAA compliance

Domain knowledge and skills developed over 2+ years in this industry

Experienced and well trained Transcriptionists, Editors/Proofers, QA, Team Leaders and managers

Dedicated Team of transcriptionists for each client

Rigorous Proofing and internal audit system to ensure accuracy

Can assign specific transcriptionists to each set of doctors as per client requirements

Compliance with client instructions, prompt solutions to issues raised and timely complaint handling to ensure customer satisfaction

Proprietary software for data flow management. Quick adoption of client supplied Medical Transcription software

Team experienced in handling jobs from a very wide array of specialties

Intensive classroom and on-the-job training over a 4 month period to every new entrant includes comprehensive exposure to a variety of accents