About iTrueSoft

iTrueSoft with its unique mix of integrity, zeal, drive, and preparedness have proven record of consistently delivering and helping customers in their businesses giving the client no room for competitors. Strategic Thinking, and Creativity is our motto in iTrueSoft. Professional with years of experience always strive to deliver on time and perfect product.

The desire to provide and empower with newer technology and enhance their knowledge iTrueSoft was conceived by proficient people iTrueSoft always begin with a well-defined innovation strategy. They use modern analytics, more precise and structured approach to identify the best innovation opportunities. They take on a greater proportion of breakthrough and radical innovations, impacting a wider scope of the business – beyond just product innovation to business operations and the business model itself.

our Mission & Vision

Our Values

Our Values and Commitment

Value for money and before time delivery is what we always have been doing and it is just one of our habits that we have formed over a period of time. Time management and team work has helped building relationship with clients.


iTrueSoft plays a important role in clean and functioning capital markets through transparency and consistency with building trust in business and with clients. Clients have trusted us for ages by our services and products and recommending others for our services. Integrity with trust is the embedded responsibility of our long-standing values and ethical practices. Our growth has been this far due to the responsibility each employee shoulder with their duties and skills.


Using the focused service portfolio of Run the Business, Change the Business and Consulting, iTrueSoft is excellently positioned to address the challenges in the software industry.

Social Responsibility

Live and let live is our life guideword. In iTrueSoft we focus and not publicize our deeds of giving back to society what we have in terms of community service, teaching downtrodden students software programming to enable them to come up in life. Regular food, clothing, and software training is carried out in various location through our team.


With software training new verticals were added with the idea of helping students with projects, live experience, on job training, etc. Today, we are the pioneer in software training with over 50,000 students trained and placed by us and placement partner for about 750 Companies which makes us the number one institute of its kind. We have trained professionals who having software industry experience impart training to students and know the future trends.

Time is money is the old-gold saying, if you make proper use of time, money will come. You have to decide immediately on availing our services so as to enable you to get leap and jump in business clients. The return of investment is very high.